Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy, Communication, Governance (English Edition)

Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy, Communication, Governance (English Edition)

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This upper-level textbook offers an original and up-to-date introduction to issues in corporate social responsibility (CSR) from a global perspective. Written by an international team of experts, it guides students through key themes in CSR including strategy, communication, regulation and governance. Balancing critiques of CSR with a discussion of the opportunities it creates, it includes chapters devoted to critical issues such as human rights, anti-corruption, labour rights and the environment. Pedagogical features include customised case studies, study questions, key term highlighting, practitioner pieces and suggestions for further resources. The book is also complemented by a companion website featuring adaptable lecture slides, teaching notes for cases and links to related resources. Tailored for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses on corporate social responsibility, sustainability and business ethics, it is also relevant to non-business courses in political science, international relations and communications.

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Andreas Rasche is Professor of Business in Society at the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility, Copenhagen Business School. He has published more than fifty academic articles and cases as well as four books and is Associate Editor of Business Ethics Quarterly.

Mette Morsing is Professor and Co-Director of the Sustainability Platform at Copenhagen Business School. She was a Founding Member of the Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) in Brussels and Associate Editor of the Scandinavian Journal of Management.

Jeremy Moon is Velux Professor of Corporate Sustainability at Copenhagen Business School. He is the co-author of Corporations and Citizenship (with Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten, 2008) and author of A Very Short Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility (2014).

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'A true treasure chest which offers deep insights into the relationship between business and societies, a subject of ever growing relevance that affects all aspects of our lives. The authors succeeded in reducing complex themes into clear building blocks while offering critical perspectives on essential themes. This is a huge accomplishment and a truly important contribution.' Georg Kell, Vice Chair of Arabesque Partners and Founding Director of UN Global Compact

'This edited textbook is unique as it brings together leading experts in the areas of strategy, communication and governance to provide an integrated discussion of Corporate Social Responsibility in the contemporary global and digitalized society. A reflective stance towards CSR in combination with contemporary case studies and commentaries from leading managers make this a key resource for engaged discussions in the classroom.' Andreas Werr, Head of the Department of Management and Organization, Stockholm School of Economics

'Finally, a text with the courage to stand up and tell CSR's whole wonderful, conflicted story. As savvy about corporate practice as it is about academic theory, this text will set the bar for all that follow.' Thomas Donaldson, The Mark O. Winkelman Endowed Professor, University of Pennsylvania

'CSR in its best form! This is a pedagogically valuable, comprehensive, critical, and thought provoking textbook on CSR written by the leading experts in the field. It will be compulsory reading for any student and academic interested in the changing responsibilities of business in a globalized world.' Andreas Georg Scherer, Universität Zürich

'This is a truly remarkable book! Cunningly designed to host a rich variety of perspectives and layers underpinning corporate social responsibility, it makes the most persuasive case for a thorough reassessment of the role of the enterprise in regard to contemporary challenges. No doubt the academic contributions to the book are the ones which frame the current terms of the academic debate. But in addition to that intellectual accomplishment the book is conceived as a vehicle for learning. It thus hosts voices and experiences of relevant agents as well as noteworthy cases that bring to life the concepts discussed and embed the actual challenges in practice. Ultimately, this is a rare piece that appeals both to academics who travel the geography of social responsibility and also to students who are exposed and challenged by the kind of questions which they will encounter in their practice.' Alfons Sauquet, Global Dean ESADE Business and Law Schools and President Academy of Business in Society

'Discussions around CSR ask scholars and practitioners to revisit the concept of a corporation and the relationship between business and stakeholders. CSR is not just a special topic in management. This textbook figures out how CSR should be integrated into daily management process, strategy, communication inside and outside the organization, and governance system from a perspective of 'Business and Society'.' Kanji Tanimoto, Waseda University, Japan

'With the concept of focusing on the business model and dealing with how a company making its money impacts on society and the environment, the question of CSR is built in to the strategy of the DNA of the business of the company. To maintain value creation in the longer term the board will ensure that the positive impacts on society and the environment are enhanced in the years ahead and the negative impacts are eradicated or ameliorated. Can there be greater social responsibility than ensuring that companies around the world carry on business in a way that has a positive impact on society and the environment which would be in the longer term best interests of other stakeholders including the shareholders.' Mervyn King, Chairman of the International Integrated Reporting Council

'This is a textbook for the present times to prepare leaders for the future. It prepares students to understand and manage in these uncertainty times. I would also strongly recommend this book to practitioners and professionals. It enables people of all levels to understand CSR issues and challenges. Certainly a book for our times.' Thomas Thomas, CEO, ASEAN CSR Network Ltd

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